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Introducing Delphus

Introducing our flagship product: Delphus, a platform for trust and compliance powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Previously known as reBlock, the current iteration of our product targets research inefficiency through a secure, decentralized study management platform.

Using the blockchain, Delphus immutably timestamps and records all consent and data points to provide transparency at every step. It stores data on a network of servers around the world, preserving data accessibility and allowing control on a per-site and per-investigator basis. This makes research auditable and verifiable, saving trust, time, and money.

Delphus aims to innovate this area, and expand outwards from there. Check out the website to learn more.

Transparent & Secure Research

Less than 10% of scientific studies end up being published, even after extensive development, due to extreme costs. Unfortunately, innovation in the methods used to run these studies has stagnated.

Modular & Customizable

Built on a flexible framework, it can be customized to suit the needs of any study, big or small. Contact us if you would like to get in touch.

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Dude! These 4 high school students (yes high school students!!) started a company for storing medical records using blockchain technology! #FeelingInadequate Check it out at #bizofblockchain #BosBlockchainWeek

Tarek Tabbara

None other than experienced @jaylstevens calls high school team’s blockchain ideas one of best he’s seen. Project: Using secure blockchain to manage medical research. High praise for kids from Acton Boxborough Regional High School. @bitcoinmktjrnl #bostonblockchainweek.

Patrick Houston

Team “Scintillating” of six high school students came first in the Hackathon at Boston! These 16-year-olds created a clinical management system “Delphus” using blockchain tech that allowed patients to see data handoffs by their healthcare providers or researchers.


Our Team


Kunal Sharda

Chief Executive Officer · Visionary

Experienced through startups, business plan competitions and public speaking

Has multiple certifications in programming across different frameworks

Avidly interested in medical technology and computer science, which fueled his ideas behind Delphus


Kevin Liu

Chief Technology Officer

Introduced to Ethereum and the blockchain in 2015

Free software and decentralization advocate

Worked with a Kubernetes cluster used to scale web servers

Experienced in React, Redux, and Solidity


Will Hemond

Chief Operating Officer

Has a constant passion for all things technology, math, and science

Heard of cryptocurrency and was initially skeptical, but grew intrigued over time.

Worked in management positions and is ideal for internal operations


Aneesh Edara

VP of Finance

Substantially interested in blockchain and machine learning

Has experience working with numbers and schema

Has worked on a variety of products, using his skills to create a noticeable difference in one's life


Tiger Tian

Head of Technology

A technology enthusiast with an aptitude for programming

Experienced with ReactJS and other frameworks

Experienced in managing both large and small teams


Eric Sun

Marketing and Quality Assurance Manager

Drawn to computer science by bioinformatics

First hand experience with Clinical Trials

Uses insight to actively judge the needs of a growing company


Dora Xiao

Software Engineer

Adores all forms of creative design processes from game design to mechanical engineering

Trained in a variety of programming and web languages

Has firsthand experience with research collection projects to understand study demands

Mentors and Advisors


Satish Tadikonda

Healthcare Mentorship and Guidance

Invaluable experience which consistently aids market focus

Industry leader specializing in life sciences and healthcare

Extremely well-connected among global corporations


Chris Vento

Technical Mentorship and Guidance

C-Level Technology and Product Strategist at Innoventify

Previous founder & CEO of Intellify Learning

Innovative and skilled in leadership positions


Jim Yim

Healthcare Mentorship and Guidance

Investor and entrepreneur involved in numerous successful startups

CEO of Medtricbio, an antimicrobial technology company

Judge at the Rice University Business Plan Competition, prominent angel investor


Sunil Ravipati

Technical Mentorship and Guidance

Worked in startups such as BEA and Held top position at Oracle

Involved with security, blockchain as well as bootstrapped a SaaS based CTM

Not only brings technical, engineering, sales and leadership skills but also an ability to connect with people to bring success as a team


Ashwani Verma

Compliance Mentorship and Guidance

20+ years of experience in auditing across multiple verticals

Worked at Deloitte, PwC and Molina Healthcare among others

Compliance and Risk Management Expert


Pillar VC

Mentorship through MIT

Aligns incentives and interests and aligning capabilities with needs

Delivers the breadth and depth of experience

Gathered a dream team of unbelievably talented CEOs as co-founders


Mintz Levin

Legal Advisory Term

Full service, general law firm with more than 500 attorneys and 8 offices

Internationally based in the United States and the UK

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